AGILITY CLASSESSport and fun with your dog.

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HAVE FUN!Improve the bond with your dog thanks to Agility.

Agility is a competitive sport where you guide your dog over a series of obstacles, which he has to clear as cleanly and accurately as possible, competing against the clock.
Top Dog - Educación Canina - Los Alcázares

What does our Agility Club consist of?

At Top Dog we have a professional and approved Galican Agility track which is fully available to members of our club and students of our classes.

We have two ways to enjoy this fun sport with our dog depending on the level you have, for those who have no experience or a basic level and want to learn more, we have Agility Group Classes twice a week in which we learn how to overcome each obstacle and how to face the different routes.

For those who already know this sport, we have our Agility Club, where you can enjoy the track when you need it (by appointment) and train to be able to compete in the competitions of the other clubs.

If you have never practised Agility with your dog, come on, it’s a good way to improve your bond, education and obedience and above all, have fun!

TWO CLASSES PER WEEKSome pictures of our classes

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