DOG EDUCATION CLASSESTheir education, your peace of mind.

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TEACH IT!Education is the basis of good coexistence.

Just as we go to school when we are small to acquire certain knowledge and education, our dogs also need these bases for a correct coexistence.
Teaching them certain rules of behaviour will help you to enjoy day-to-day life, walks and many other things together.
Top Dog - Educación Canina - Los Alcázares

What is Top Dog Acadogmy?

We offer private canine education classes to initiate or specific cases and group classes to continue with the education once initiated in the individual classes.

The group classes have double functionality as we not only learn the same as in the individual classes, but we also take advantage of the exercises that are done with other companions to learn and that our dogs are getting used to be surrounded by other people and dogs.

For about an hour, (depending if the dogs get very tired) every two weeks, we learn different exercises and instructions, such as “focus”, “stay”, “sit”….

Our dogs begin to understand “our language” as we ourselves begin to understand how we should communicate with them, when to reward, when to demand, etc…. Every moment is really important and knowing this helps us to evolve together in our coexistence.

The classes are very enjoyable, fun and we all have a very enriching time…. We encourage you to participate with your dog, you will see the difference!

Our collaboration with animal shelters during all this time has given us valuable experience in dealing with the different characteristics of each dog and adapting to each situation.
Nuestra experiencia en el trato con perros ha sido afianzada y reforzada con el curso de Monitor Canino realizado en Madrid con grandes expertos como Empire Dog y Security Dogs, campeones mundiales y de España en diferentes modalidades.
We are convinced that everything that is learnt in a good way is much better and experience has shown this to be the case, which is why all our classes are based on positive reinforcement, in order to learn in a fun and enjoyable way.

ACTIVE GROUPS EVERY 2 WEEKSSome photos of our classes

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Paraje Balsamora nº 11
Los Alcázares (Murcia)
Monday to Friday: 10am to 1pm and 4pm to 7pm
Saturday: 10am to 1pm
Sundays by appointment.
Out of hours by appointment.
If you can't bring or pick up your furry friend,
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Top Dog - Guardería Canina
    Top Dog - Educación Canina - Murcia
    Paraje Balsamora nº 11 - Los Alcázares (Murcia)
    +34 669 158 736 - +34 619 986 790
    Monday to Friday: 10am - 1pm and 4pm - 7pm // Saturday: 10am - 1pm // Sunday by appointment // Outside opening hours by appointment.
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