HOTEL FOR DOGS AND CATSThe place where your furry friends want to spend their holidays.

Dog Hotel Los alcazares

Welcome to Top Dog

The place for your best friend to enjoy, either while you are on holiday, working or taking the time you need for your business, also having fun with the different activities of our club.

More than 4.000m2 in Los Alcázares, close to La Manga del Mar Menor, in Murcia, for your furry friend to enjoy freedom, games with friends, care and lots of pampering.
Daily fun and games.
Attention 24 hours a day.
100% Love for your furry friends.
Home collection and delivery.

Day Care

Better to be with friends than home alone.


Where your dog want to spend their holidays


The hygiene and care your dog needs.


Life with your dog is better if it learns to behave.


The most fun sport to practice with your dog.

MEET USWho are we?

Top Dog - Hotel para Mascotas - Los Alcázares


Protocol Manager
Top Dog - Hotel para Mascotas - Los Alcázares


Animation Manager


Public Relations Manager
Top Dog - Hotel para Mascotas - Los Alcázares


Organisational Manager

Dog Hotel

We have everything for your best friend to have fun, run around our playgrounds, make new friends in the nursery and relax during their stay.

Top Dog - Hotel para Mascotas - Los Alcázares
Top Dog - Hotel para gatos - Los Alcázares

Cat Hotel

Each cat family will have their own private and spacious room and individual daily time with us for play and cuddles.


The best for them.

We offer all the options so that our best friends can enjoy their holidays as well as your day to day life while you work or in your leisure time.

Hotel x Night
  • Single room
  • Fun
  • Food
Dog Day Care
  • Single room
  • Fun
  • Food from home
Dog's Afternoon
  • Socialisation
  • Exercise
  • Fun
Group classes
  • Agility
  • Education
  • Activities

TOP DOG BLOGLatest news

22-23 Course Top Dog Acadogmy
22-23 Course Top Dog Acadogmy
TOP DOG ACADOGMY 👩🎓 🐶 is back!!! This year we bring a new format 🆕 We will have different specific Masterclasses with the topics you most need to improve your coexistence with your dog 💚🐾 👉🏼 Walking, calling, puppies, focus, reactivity… Choose the class you prefer, some or all 😉 and get quantity discount. New...
Top Dog - Educación Canina - Murcia
Paraje Balsamora nº 11 - Los Alcázares (Murcia)
+34 669 158 736 - +34 619 986 790
Monday to Friday: 10am - 1pm and 4pm - 7pm // Saturday: 10am - 1pm // Sunday by appointment // Outside opening hours by appointment.
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