Dog Hotel Los alcazares

Thinking about them.

We want their stay to be the best, for them to enjoy and have fun, and for this reason, we make sure that everything related to their comfort and safety is totally under control.
Vega y Simba (Nacho Gil) - Residencia Canina - Los Alcazares

Access requirements.

Documentation and vaccines
They must have chip and vaccines (rabies and polyvalent) updated within the year in force and an antiparasitic treatment (collar, pills or pipette).
Kennel cough vaccination is also required, at least 3days before the stay, to avoid this very annoying and contagious disease.
On the day of entry, you must bring your dog's passport.
Medications and supplements.
If during it stay, your dog needs any medication or special food do not hesitate to let us know, its wellbeing is our main concern and we will make sure it takes everything it needs.
The price per night is €12 per dog (as long as the dog is sociable and can share the playground with other dogs, if not, there is a plus of 5€ per dog and night). €11 per dog if there is more than one dog and they share a room. Departures later than 12pm are charged as day care, that is 10€ per dog until 6pm. After this time an extra night will be charged.
The food is included in the stay, but if you prefer not to upset them with changes (especially for short stays), you can bring their own food.
We usually feed them twice a day, morning and evening, unless we are told otherwise on arrival.

Recommendations for their stay.

Their adaptation comes first
To make them feel at ease at the entrance, we advise to arrive before noon and always make a previous adaptation before their stay, ask us!
If you can bring them on collar and a fixed leash, so much the better, it is much easier for us to handle them when we leave and enter the park when we go to play or come back for a rest.
Very important
In case of being a female and not being sterilized, it must be communicated in advance in case the heat could coincide with the stay and it would be necessary to make any change (it could entail an extra cost).
A reminder of home
Making them feel at home or better is our priority, so bringing them their bed and/or toys will help them settle in more quickly.
On holiday dates we recommend booking well in advance, we like to give you all our attention, so we have few places available.
Socializing is important
In our center the outings are in groups, they run and play in the park of more than 2000m2, only dogs that are 100% sociable, whatever their size, they share this moment.

A reservation is not confirmed until you receive it, either by WhatsApp or email the express confirmation.

The sending of the contact message does not guarantee the reservation of the place.

By phone and Social Networks we only attend

to give all the necessary information and answer any queries.

On the day of the stay we ask you to be punctual at the agreed time, in case of not meeting the agreed time, you may lose your reservation.

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