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This website is owned by Top Dog and aims to publicize the services of Top Dog Hotel and Top Dog Club.

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he website offers no subscription to any newsletter. The only information requested is the email and your first name. Both data become part of the Top Dog website user database, which aims to respond to your query. These data will never be shared with anyone and even less, transferred to third parties.

You can manage your subscriptions from any newsletter, or you can request the changes you want by filling out this form.

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Like most websites that use analytics systems (in my case Google Analytics), this site uses its own and third-party cookies. The goal is not to spy on you, but to better understand the behavior of website users. They are not even to show you personalized advertising (there is no advertisement on this website).

As you will have read when you connect to the site for the first time, we understand that you are aware of this and that if you have accepted the conditions or after 10 seconds of notification you continue browsing, it is because it seems good to you that we use these cookies for our statistics.

If you do not want to accept cookies from any website, you can configure your browser to reject them: Settings–> advanced settings–> privacy–> Cookies–> Block third-party cookies, from this same menu you can manage exceptions if you wish.

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Obviously, the use of this website is free and access to all the information that Top Dog offers on this site as well. All I ask is that if you use this information, quote Top Dog and links to this site from yours.

It is possible that I also include access links to other web pages that I consider to be interesting. The purpose of these links is only to facilitate the search for information related to what I explain. In no case are they sponsored links or for advertising purposes … so browse with ease and visit the reference sources.

I hope that all this information helps you to navigate calmly through my page and to enjoy what I can offer you, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks for the visit!
Top Dog - Educación Canina - Murcia
Paraje Balsamora nº 11 - Los Alcázares (Murcia)
+34 669 158 736 - +34 619 986 790
Monday to Friday: 10am - 1pm and 4pm - 7pm // Saturday: 10am - 1pm // Sunday by appointment // Outside opening hours by appointment.
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